playroom reveal: a splash of color

FINALLY, the post many of you have been asking for: the boys’ playroom reveal. it’s one of the few rooms in our home that feels “done.” except now with the addition of wesley, I need to update the photos with a fun one of him! it probably won’t happen for another six months or so though…

my personal design style is probably best described as transitional – a mix of different styles to create one. I like a little modern, a little rustic, a little traditional, etc. if you have been to our home, you know I love a good neutral palette with pops of color that can be easily changed from season to season. however, the playroom is the polar opposite of everything I stand for. whoops! this room is one big splash of color!

I blame my soft spot for the boys and giving them whatever they want. it all started with landon’s obsession with baby shark and his birthday banner that lived taped on the wall for over a year after his second birthday party. I needed to figure out a way to incorporate that banner into the room without it being the focal point. I took a pair of scissors, cut out the best parts, and the room design was born. colorful, child-like, but modern. a space the boys can play, be creative, and LIVE. the room is still stylish, just with more color than I am typically comfortable with. without further adieu, here is the big reveal.

(scroll to the bottom for source details)


  • toy cabinets, couch, frames, kids table – IKEA
  • watercolor wall decals
  • play kitchen (similar)
  • easel
  • nugget comfort couch
  • curtains: target
  • artwork: original or etsy prints
  • camera to keep an extra set of eyes on the kids

like everyone during quarantine, I watched The Home Edit series on Netflix. While my organization is not up to their standards, I appreciate an organized space. here is how I organized the toys. all bins are from the container store.

this space makes me and the kids happy, which was the ultimate goal. questions? leave them in the comments! happy decorating friends!

boys’ bathroom reveal

y’all!!! I am so excited to share this bathroom with you. it has been a labor of love, but one I am so proud of! this was my first true DIY makeover. sure, i have done an ikea hack here and there before, but nothing compares to having the guts to pull the trigger on attempting woodwork. I loved doing this project so much, I asked for a nail gun for my birthday! I have a list of projects ahead and can’t wait to (slowly) tackle each room.

a little backstory on how this bathroom became a DIY. last year we had a water leak in our master bedroom coming from our exterior siding and chimney box. while we had a contractor over to give us a quote on those repairs, I took the opportunity to pick his brain about other cosmetic, interior projects I had in mind. little things (and some big) to take our home from generic to feel more custom. most of what I wanted was wall trim in the staircase and a couple bedrooms. he quoted us THOUSANDS of dollars for the trim alone. I said, “yeah right. I can do that myself!” so in an attempt to save us money, I took to google to see just how hard it really could be. after some researching, I convinced my younger brother to help (after-all he had the power tools and muscle I needed) and that was that. we were off!

it all started as a vision in my head and it truly came to life. this room was inspired by the woodwork Angela Rose Home had done in her home and the moody, dark rooms Studio McGee has done lately. I wanted something bold and beautiful. while it may be a kids bathroom, I still wanted it to be a design statement!

first, the pretty photos of the “after.”

and because we all love a good side by side before and after…


brady’s nursery reveal

another LONG overdue post. brady is officially 13 months old, so what better time than now to share his nursery ha!

brady’s room was one of the very first rooms completed in our new home when we moved to georgia. it was a fun project and labor of love (just ask my mom how the wallpaper hanging went)! i am incredibly proud of it and really feel like this room can grow with him for years to come.

my inspiration was this dresser from crate and kids, but in an effort to not break the bank, i refinished an ikea dresser and the room just blossomed from there. listen, don’t get me wrong, i like expensive things. i do. i have a knack of picking the more expensive option if given the choice between two similar items. however, i LOVE a good deal and getting the same look for less and spend where it makes the most sense.

note: the curtains are a dark, deep green not black (it’s hard to get the true color in the pictures).

if you care to know where things are from, i added sources at the end of the post.






here are some cute little details around his room. ps i couldn’t let his adorable helmet go to waste! good thing it matched the color scheme perfectly!













not pictured: